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Dennis Hawk Music for Yoga

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This cd was designed specifically for equinox and solstice practices with an emphasis on Sun Salutations.  My yogi consultant on this cd was Janet Planet (fellow yogi and great musician.) This is also the first cd done under the Planet Hawk Music label.  Continuous flow versions can be found on at

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Maha Lakshmi is a medium paced yoga cd.  I use this one for my personal practice more than any other.

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This cd creates a great deal of supportive energy to a vigorous yoga practice.  It is a 65 minute continuous flow album.


One yogi called this musical mantra.  Take your slow flow to another level with the support of this cd.  This one comes in a 65 minute and 80 continuous flow versions.

Music for Yin Yoga, Meditation and Massage


This cd was my first attempt to venture into the world of music for meditation, relaxation and massage.  The cd features a 24 minute improvisation with me on Native American flute and John Harmon (jazz pianist) called Waters that are Never Still.


In Turtle II, I invited my friend Jeff Pocket, Celtic harpist to sit in on an improv. session.  What happened was magical.  His harp and my flutes took us straight to heaven.  My hope is that it will do the same for you.  This is the cd that massage therapists rave about.

Music with a Clear Native American Vibe


This cd was my first and clearly remains one of my best. This is an instrumental cd with me playing Native American flutes and guitar.  I was surrounded with some great helpers on this one:  Dane Richeson - percussion; John Gibson bass.  I will listen to these songs once in a while, and I am still very pleased with the work that I did in my first outing.


The many Trails cd has been a joy.  The cover art is by Synaboin Native American Artist Charles Mitchell.  And the help I got on this?  Wow! Patty Darling, Larry Darling, John Harmon, Jeff Pocket, Dane Richeson, John Gibson. This cd is amazing.  I hope you love it as much as I do.


The Summer Rain album was written and recorded through dark transition in my life.  That doesn't meant that it is a dark cd.  On the contrary, it's message is constant hope.  It is my only vocal cd to date.  I will do more because I like combining the poetry and the melody to make a song.


The Lodge Songs Vol. 1 was never intended as a commercial cd, but as a way to teach our lodge family the songs for our own sweat lodge.  It DID become a success, however, and I gladly give back all of the proceeds to the cause of healing through music.  If you are building a lodge and in need of songs, this cd is perfect.  I even put all of the words and translation in the liner notes for you.  Indinawaymagen




 Native American Style Flutes...Hand Crafted

Interested? Call me 920-428-4407 or email me:

Price: $85 small cedar flute; $125 large cedar; $175 large dark walnut; $250 highly figured maple.


 For more pictures and information on my flutes, go to my flute page.